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Resources relating to astrogeology, off-world natural resource exploration and development, planet defense, and associated news of space developments. Also including information related to off-world activities, such as the development of robotics and to serious reports of extraterrestrial life that may create unintended consequences for humans.

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Climate Change (Global Warming or Cooling) resources and related issues, both political and technical, including CO2 sequestration, and Anthropocene issues.
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Resources for various services and companies of possible interest to clients, associates, and geoscientists.

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Health and safety resources related to traveling overseas, mining, oil and gas development and production and environmental projects. Also includes cyber-security issues.

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The latest resources involving hydrogeology, geology, and the related environmental issues...
Resources with distinct international impacts that may or may not have applications in the U.S.
To this must added recent ideas on society responses to future issues related to natural resource development and use.

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Toxicological-related resources associated with natural occurrences or those applicable to mining, oil & gas, or other industrial activities and waste products.

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Resources relating only to current weather and associated tools. For long-term issues, see the Climate Change category above.

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Index / Mining & Minerals - Evaluations / Off-World Exploration, Mining, & Technology

Matthias Engler reports that Additive Manufacturing is already a proven technique in space on-board the International Space Station (ISS). Thus far a 3D printer has been used to print medical supplies, as well as tools for the space station itself, and to experiment with various kinds of plastics to use in space. Why produce in space? Because this means building next level products, developing innovative applications for space AND creating benefits on Earth, based on totally different materials properties not possible under Earth’s gravity but i... More →
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Index / Mining & Minerals - Evaluations / Off-World Exploration, Mining, & Technology

A private company founded by a group of dotcom entrepreneurs says it will establish a permanent base on the Moon and begin mining its surface by 2020. Spurred on by the offer of a $20 million prize by Google, Fl-based Moon Express unveiled plans yesterday on Capitol Hill to build a base on the Moon South Pole and staff it with robots that will explore the lunar surface looking for water and minerals.

The company would put its plans into action using the MX-1E, a 2-m-high space robot that can land on the Moon and hop across its surface. Bob Richards, the chief executive of Moon Expre... More →
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Index / Climate Change, Anthropocene & Associated Issues

New observations and new research have increased our understanding of past, current, and future climate change since the Third U.S. National Climate Assessment (NCA3) was published in May, 2014. This Climate Science Special Report (CSSR) is designed to capture that new information and build on the existing body of science in order to summarize the current state of knowledge and provide the scientific foundation for the Fourth National Climate Assessment (NCA4).

Since NCA3, stronger evidence has emerged for continuing, rapid, human-caused warming of the global atmosphere and ocean. T... More →
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Index / Solar Energy / Resource Evaluation

Dr. Conca reports that a solar eclipse will occur on August 21st and will have an interesting side effect of shutting off some electricity production in America as the shadow rolls across our ever-increasing number of solar arrays.

The shadow from the Moon will be 70 miles wide as it races across the U.S. at well over 1,000 miles per hour, from Portland, Oregon, to Charleston, South Carolina. On the way, it will cut solar power production by about 9,000 MW, about as much electricity as produced by 15 coal-fired power plants.

Then, the solar power will come roaring back as... More →
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Index / Astrogeology, Asteroids, Robots, Extraterrestrials

Ashley May presents a curious report that you could apply for the job of the NASA Planetary Protection Officer. NASA is currently looking for someone with a secret security clearance to ensure alien life, or organic-constituent and biological contamination does not t make it back in a space ship. More than that, this person is responsible for the leadership of the NASA planetary protection capability, maintenance of planetary protection policies, and oversight of their implementation by NASA space flight missions, according to the job listing.

Candidates must have advanced knowledg... More →
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Index / Hydrogeology/Geology/Environmental/ / Field Methods and Procedures

W. N. White, Perm Livingston, and S. F. Turner reported on the supply of underground water in an area as of 1939 in eastern Texas comprising Harris County, in which Houston is located, and parts of adjoining counties is the subject of an investigation started in December, 1930, as part of a survey of the underground-water resources of Texas by the United States Geological Survey in cooperation with the State Board of Engineers.

The investigations were made under tho direction of 0. E. Meinzer, Geologist-in-Charge of the Division of Ground Water in the U.S. Geological Survey. Though... More →
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Index / Education, Ethics, Society, Employment Issues

Dr. Conca reports that the U.S. electric power industry supports more than 7 million jobs. This is about 5% of all jobs in America or 1 in every 20 jobs. That is the crux of a new report released yesterday by M. J. Bradley & Associates that describes how the electric power industry contributes about $880 billion each year to the economy. That is about 5% of our total Gross Domestic Product or GDP.

The report, Powering America: The Economic and Workforce Contributions of the U.S. Electric Power Industry, details how the electric power industry spends over $100 billion in investme... More →
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Index / Uranium (Nuclear Minerals) / Exploration, Mining, Marketing, Acquisitions

Reuben Gregg Brewer reports that the Cameco Corporation is the world largest pure-play uranium miner. That has not been a great business to be in lately, but the outlook for uranium appears pretty enticing. For aggressive investors, Cameco nearly 80% price decline over the past decade could be a huge buying opportunity. But what if the bull case does not pan out?

The first thing to note about Cameco and uranium is that the miner has actually managed to weather a deep industry downturn pretty well. To give you a feel for the pain, uranium prices hit a 12-year low in 2016. But last y... More →
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Index / Hydroelectric Power (Dams and Pumped Storage)

Dr. Conca opines that most everyone has heard of hydroelectric energy or hydropower, that uses a dam to store water in a reservoir. Water released from the reservoir flows through turbines, spinning them to generate electricity.

But there are other types of hydropower that harness marine currents, tidal energy and wave energy, also referred to as marine current energy. Tidal stream turbines work much like submerged windmills, but are driven by flowing water rather than by air.

According to Professor Jason Donev at the University of Calgary, tidal power is far more reliabl... More →
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Index / Coal / Exploration, Production, Coal Ash, Rare Earths

Jessica Holdman reports that armed with a pick axe, state mineral researchers are sampling North Dakota coal to make a model for finding rare-earth elements in the state coal seams....mostly lignites.

The researchers have been working on the project since 2015, taking 472 samples at 60 sites across the Little Missouri Badlands. Rare-earth elements include valuable materials, including europium, holmium and scandium, and are used in a multitude of modern technology, magnets, hard drives, batteries and lasers, with about 90% of the world supply currently controlled by China. This for... More →
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