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Resources relating to astrogeology, off-world natural resource exploration and development, planet defense, and associated news of space developments. Also including information related to off-world activities, such as the development of robotics and to serious reports of extraterrestrial life that may create unintended consequences for humans.

Biomass and derived biofuels related resources...
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Climate Change (Global Warming or Cooling) resources and related issues, both political and technical, including CO2 sequestration, and Anthropocene issues.
Coal related resources...
Coalbed methane related resources...
Resources for various services and companies of possible interest to clients, associates, and geoscientists.

Conventional oil & gas related resources...
Society conflicts, and training issues involving various Agencies, Colleges, Universities... as well as those related to Non-Science Issues (Creationism, Intelligent Design, etc.).
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Resources relating to mining and environmental topics on natural resource development and industrial remediation.

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Resources relating to oil & gas and the associated litigation issues.

Resources from various related U.S. government agencies...
Gas (tight) sands resources and associated issues...
Gas hydrate exploration and development related resources...
Gas shales exploration, development and related environmental resources and issues...
Various useful resources such as related research journals, technical tools, databases, glossaries...

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Geo- and hydrochemistry resources relating to oil & gas development and the various associated fields of interest.

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Geophysics, Environmental, Geological, Geotech subjects that apply to energy, mining and environmental issues of the day, and the associated applications of interest to I2M management.

Geospatial resources relating to oil & gas development and the associated energy, mining and environmental uses and applications.

Geothermal energy resources and associated issues...
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Health and safety resources related to traveling overseas, mining, oil and gas development and production and environmental projects. Also includes cyber-security issues.

Related to hydroelectric dams and pumped storage of water to create electrical or mechanical power.

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The latest resources involving hydrogeology, geology, and the related environmental issues...
Resources with distinct international impacts that may or may not have applications in the U.S.
To this must added recent ideas on society responses to future issues related to natural resource development and use.

Biological resources relating to natural-resource development, environmental remediation, and conservation.

Resources related to general mining subjects but not to nuclear, coal or other energy resources.
Oil (tar) sands related resources...
Oil shale related resources...
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Local, national, and international geological societies and associations.

Regulations related resources...
Renewable energy related resources...
Risk Assessment subjects associated with natural occurrences or with those applicable to mining, oil & gas, or other industrial activities and their waste products.

Solar energy related resources...
State Geological Surveys and Regulatory Agencies...

Toxicological-related resources associated with natural occurrences or those applicable to mining, oil & gas, or other industrial activities and waste products.

Uranium (nuclear minerals) exploration, development and related environmental resources and issues...
Resources relating only to current weather and associated tools. For long-term issues, see the Climate Change category above.

Wind energy related resources...


I2M Associates, LLC is a professional practice offering experienced engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, and other scientists with many years in environmental assessments, including remediation management, mineral exploration and project management, mergers and acquisitions. Related areas of expertise include forensic and feasibility studies in the environmental and mining industries, and environmental site assessments, due diligence assessments, and impact assessments in addition to brownfield redevelopment and management (as well as grant application assistance) in the U.S, and for state ... More →
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Index / Health & Safety - Mining, Environmental, Cyber

In the mining industry, there are very prescriptive regulations that describe how training is to be carried out. But those are not always enough, nor are they necessarily the best way to assure that workers know how to safely perform their assigned tasks. CORESafety views the regulatory requirements as the base and then goes a step beyond those requirements.

Training is integral to the success of achieving the goal of 0 ..50 ..5 and it is the responsibility of everyone in your company to make this work. Ultimately, it involves making sure that all workers are trained to be as compe... More →
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Index / Health & Safety - Mining, Environmental, Cyber

The NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards is intended as a source of general industrial hygiene information for workers, employers, and occupational health professionals. The Pocket Guide presents key information and data in abbreviated tabular form for 677 chemicals or substance groupings (e.g., manganese compounds, tellurium compounds, inorganic tin compounds, etc.) that are found in the work environment.

The industrial hygiene information found in the Pocket Guide should help users recognize and control occupational chemical hazards. The chemicals or substances contained in thi... More →
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Index / Climate Change, Anthropocene & Associated Issues

Dr. Conca says we need to institute a Clean Energy Standard that promotes all low-carbon energy rather than continuing with a Renewable Energy Standard that is narrowly-focused on wind and solar. If you care about climate change, and do not just have an ideological (aka political) stand on a particular energy source, then we need all low-carbon sources as fast as possible to have any hope of reigning in the most adverse environmental effects of burning fossil fuels.

Along with an increasing abundance of gas, coal and oil, the present focus on renewables has stalled the effort to low... More →
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Index / Conventional Oil & Gas Resources / Economics

Arthur Berman opines that 2 years into the global oil-price collapse, it seems unlikely that prices will return to sustained levels above $70 per barrel any time soon or perhaps, never. That is because the global economy is exhausted. The current oil-price rally is over as Berman predicted several months ago and prices are heading down toward $40 per barrel.

Oil has been re-valued to affordable levels based on the real value of money. The market now accepts the erroneous producer claims of profitability below the cost of production and has adjusted expectations accordingly. Meanwhil... More →
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Index / Wind Energy / Economics

Oliver Massmann, general director of Duane Morris Vietnam LLC, reports that Vietnam can be seen as a strong international competitor in wind energy as it has significant potential for wind energy and a continuously increasing electricity demand.

However, the World Bank reported that only 8.6% of Vietnam territory has potential for the development of wind energy, in comparison with 2.9% in Laos, and just 0.2% in Cambodia and Thailand.

Although Vietnam possesses some potential for wind-power production and an energy sector with strong interests from domestic and foreign inv... More →
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Index / Environmental Law, Regs & Litigation, State & Fed

The EPA Alliance Training Group and Baxter Communications Group is not affiliated with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is a source for environmental training. They are a small, veteran-owned business, formed to provide environmental regulatory training and consulting to environmental, health and safety professionals across numerous industries.

They provide immediate, accurate and cost-effective environmental services, through numerous platforms such as Online Training, Private Training, Public Training and Consulting Services. They instruct and deliver the nation... More →
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Index / Engineering - Remediation, Mining - Environmental

Brownfields are properties that may have hazardous substances, pollutants or contaminants present. The EPA Brownfields Program provides grants and technical assistance to communities, states, tribes and others to assess, safely clean up and sustainable reuse these contaminated properties.

Cleaning up and reinvesting in brownfields protects human health and the environment, reduces blight, and takes development pressures off greenspaces and working lands. To learn more about the EPA broader efforts to put previously contaminated properties back into productive use, read about the EP... More →
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Index / Hydrogeology/Geology/Environmental/ / Remediation Methods and Tools

Reardon Environmental, Inc., now I2M-Environmental, is a Houston-based company that specializes in soil and groundwater remediation. The company has been remediating contaminated properties for more than ten years using innovative delivery systems capable of injecting liquid inoculants into soil to volatilize or break-down contaminants into harmless by-products.They indicate that they can reduce both the time and cost associated with clean-ups. Once the contaminated areas have been identified by employing the appropriate methods of investigation, their approach can avoid the costly dig and hau... More →
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Index / Uranium (Nuclear Minerals) / Nuclear Power - Economics, Design, and Industry

Eduardo Porter, of the NY Times, asks the question ... Is the global effort to combat climate change, painstakingly agreed to in Paris seven months ago, already going off the rails? He reports that Germany, Europe champion for renewable energy, seems to be having second thoughts about its ambitious push to ramp up its use of renewable fuels for power generation (in place of their existing nuclear power).

Hoping to slow the burst of new renewable energy on its grid, the country eliminated an open-ended subsidy for solar and wind power and put a ceiling on additional renewable capacit... More →
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Index / Uranium (Nuclear Minerals) / Exploration, Mining, Marketing, Acquisitions

NexGen reports Hole AR-16-81c3 shows 23 meters at 17.19% U3O8 including 5 meters at 49.27% U3O8 at the Arrow Deposit in the Athabasca Basin. High-grade uranium assays intersected in the A2 shear also contain high-grade gold and silver values, with individual 0.5 meter samples ranging from BTL up to 90.4 g per ton Au and 418 g per ton Ag. Hole AR-16-81c3 returned 9.5 m at 7.9 g per ton Au and AR-16-86c1 returned 20.4 m at 1.9 g per ton Au. Also of significant importance, geochemical analyses continue to show very low concentrations of de1eterious elements (arsenic, antimony, selenium), which is... More →
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